About Us

I'm Austin, and I made One Word. I created this in March of 2020 as my COVID side project just so I could play it with my friends; to my surprise and delight, it's grown to what you see today! By day, I'm a tech lead at Streamlit. In my free time I like to host board game nights and hackathons with my friends.

Email: austin@oneword.games

I'm Sinclair, Austin's sister, and I started working on One Word in July. For some reason, right after I started and added a ton of site improvements, many more people started playing 🤔. Now, I continue to work on this site full time as well as run our official discord, though I am currently looking for a job as a software engineer.

Email: sinclair@oneword.games
Or contact me via my site: sipec.github.io.

I'm Michael, Austin's longtime MtG buddy. I build the analytics pipeline for One Word, and program new features as well.

Email: michael@oneword.games

I'm Alice, Austin's high school friend. I design the pretty parts of One Word — the ugly parts were designed by the engineers.

Email: alice@oneword.games

With additional thanks to:
  • Alex Lien, Bryant Chang, Shawn Xie, and the rest of our Sat 5pm playtest group~
  • Harrison Tu for accessibility playtesting and feedback
  • Eric and Cynthia of Set with Friends
  • Raina and Phil of 1 Minute Board Games
Want to contribute? Contact us at hello@oneword.games.
As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need support.